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Permaculture Resources

Perma Groups


SEPG Facebook Group

Morganton Permaculture

Tennessee Permaculture Guild


Classes & Events


Eagle Feather Farm

Workshops on medicinal plants and mushroom growing

Living Web Farms

Workshops on sustainable agriculture, Bio-char and Poultry-raising in Mills River


School of Integrated Living

Eco-village immersion living and learning at Earthaven


Permaculture in Action

Hands-on workshops for affordable rates in Asheville


Culture's Edge at Earthaven Ecovillage

Listings of classes and events at Earthaven


Botany Everyday

Marc Williams is facilitating a continuation of the work of the amazing ethnobotanist, explorer, and humanitarian Frank Cook.



Mountain Gardens 

a botanical garden featuring the largest collection of native Appalachian and Chinese medicinal herbs in the Eastern US in Western North Carolina.

Useful Plants Nursery

a small, permaculture-based nursery specializing in useful, phytonutritional, food, and medicine plants well-adapted to our Southern Appalachian mountains and surrounding bioregions.

Local Organizations

Sustainable WNC

Gateway to Sustainability in Western North Carolina

Permaculture Pros


Living Systems Design

Zev Friedman

Online Videos


The Permaculture Concept

Bill Mollison father of Permaculture gives insight into the techniques, practices and benefits of the most important interdisciplinary earth science of our age.

What Is Permaculture?

Examination of "what is permaculture" at the Grow Here Now - Convergence at Lama.

Frank Cook Videos on YouTube Many videos of Frank's plant walks

Greening the Desert

Geoff Lawton's Ground Breaking implementation of Permaculture in The Dead Sea Valley.

Permaculture in Action 

A playlist of many excellent PC videos

Masanobu Fukuoka Videos

Seed balls, permaculture and more.


Food Storage & Fermentation


Sandor Katz - Wild Fermentation

Rediscover and reinterpret the vast array of fermentation techniques used by our ancestors.



Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming and Permaculture

Masanobu Fukuoka's farming technique requires no machines, no chemicals and very little weeding.


Garden to Table: How to Sheet Mulch

Sheet mulch is an excellent way of introducing lots of organic matter without backbreaking digging and tilling.


Permaculture Activist Articles

articles on permaculture and related subjects

Homegrown Evolution Vegetables, chickens, hooch, bicycles and cultural alchemy

Permatechie Liam Rattray Blog

The intersection of ecovillages and hackspaces, ecology and technology, primitivism and transhumanism, permaculture and appropriate technology.

Permaculture & Regenerative Design News

Current events and news about permaculture & designing renewable ecologies & economies.



Earthaven Ecovillage

Building a Sustainable Intentional Community



Edible Forest Gardens 

inspiring and practical information on the vision, ecology, design, and stewardship of perennial polycultures of multipurpose plants in small-scale settings.

Permaculture Basics


Permaculture Principles

his site explores the 'essence of permaculture' in a simple and clear way, expanding on the work of co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren.


Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

a global networking centre for permaculture projects.


Wikipedia: Permaculture

Large resource of information on permaculture


ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Urban Permaculture


Path to Freedom

An urban homestead in Los Angeles "pioneering a journey towards self sufficiency, one step at a time."

Urban Permaculture Guild

works for peace, environmental protection, social justice, and the development of healthy communities. Urban Permaculture Videos



Permaculture Activist

Permaculture Magazine

Tagari Publications

supports the work of the Permaculture Institute by publishing and selling books about Sustainability.

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