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Share Your Wares

Getting together is a time to share and build a wealth of relationships that will continue beyond the Gathering!

Barter/Trade/Free Market

Healing Arts
We will have an area designated for folks who would like to offer healing arts,  as a gift, in barter, or for pay.

Selling of Wares 
If you wish to sell something, you can set up a small space in the community cabin.

Vendors are responsible for setting up and taking down their items.

Seed & Plant Swap

We have for many years held space for a casual Seed and Plant Exchange where there are free seed sharing supplies (envelopes, labels, markers, etc.) to facilitate exchange of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and rooted cuttings, etc. of useful plants. You are encouraged to share exceptional varieties, either pre-packed or in bulk... Please provide some plant info such as where grown, growth habit, best uses, secret tips, etc. on the label. Our Exchange is really organized as a Seed Give-Away... you do not have to bring seeds to take seeds, but we appreciate any donations. Saving and sharing genetically diverse seeds is a radical act! Sow seeds and multiply! Contact us with any questions or special needs.

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