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Venue and Amenities


Three vegetarian meals will be served Friday and Saturday. Two vegetarian meals will be served on Sunday.

If you are allergic to anything, be sure to bring supplemental options for yourself, in case the meal contains ingredients you cannot consume.

Please contact the registrar at least 2 weeks before the event if you will be bringing culinary delights from your garden to share, so we can incorporate them into the meal planning.


On-site camping is available.


  • Please come prepared to camp primitively.  Car camping is available along the stream in the parking area.  If you want to camp on the venue, away from your car, be prepared to carry everything you need to your site.

  • Please respect other campers by holding to a 10 p.m. curfew on noise and/or bright outside light in the campground.

  • Walk softly on the Earth. Protecting life is a sacred activity, so please treat land, plants, creatures and the people you meet with respect, taking nothing from the land but your connection to it.

What To Bring

SUPPLY LIST (a starter list)

  • camping gear

  • rain gear

  • warm clothes (it can get chilly at night, even in August)

  • personal food & drinks

  • cooler

  • camping stove, if you have one (kitchen might get crowded)

  • musical instruments

  • ceremonial clothes for Saturday night

  • seeds, plants, produce to share

  • wares to trade or sell (no commission is charged)

  • information and education to share


The Kid's Program is a wonderful combination of fun and learning.  Join us for a plant walk, nature craftsmanship, animal  husbandry, emotional and body awareness, singing and games.

About the Location

Toilets & Bathing

There are three unisex bathrooms with a toilet, and sink, one indoor shower and one outdoor shower.  We will have humanure toilets set up in the camping areas.


Flora & Fauna

The venue is home to a few species to watch out for.


Do not sample any plants or fungi unless you are SURE they are edible!


The most common biting insects are no-see-ums, tiny gnats at sunrise and sunset. There are mosquitoes, especially after wet weather, and there are a number of stinging insects such as wasps and bees.


If you have strong reaction to bee stings, please come prepared with an epi-pen or other treatment for allergic reactions.


The best defense is long pants and sleeves. Use natural insect repellents 

Trash & Sanitation

Do you know that PLASTIC is not really recyclable on a large scale?  In the 50 years since plastic became a Thing, about 5% has found a second life.  Let's make this event plastic-free by eliminating the use of single use plastics. 

Use designated recycling and trash containers for your discarded items.


You are responsible for your own safety. Be responsible and pay attention.


The parking field is across the street from the main venue.  We will have carts to transport you and your gear up the driveway to the venue.


The registration tent will be set up in the parking field.  We will direct you to locations for camping and day parking.  If you arrive outside of prime check-in times, please check-in at the barn.


There is a clear spring fed pool and a pond.  We ask that you swim at your own risk. All children must be with an adult.

Drinking Water


Drinking water is available in the kitchen. Our water comes from a well.  Please bring a reusable drinking container.



Please be advised that cell phone signals are not reliable out here. There is WiFi in and near the barn.

Pet Policy

We’re sorry, but for practical purposes, NO animals can be brought to the Gathering. If you have a service animal, please email the registrar to inform us in advance.



The main venue is a beautiful ridge-top setting.  It is also home to the residents of Hawk and Hawthorne Community.  Please be considerate when walking near private residences.

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